Travel mag liquidated after revenue went from £100k a month to zero

The director of a travel magazine company that went into liquidation because of Covid-19 remains optimistic that the sector will recover in early 2021.

The Family Traveller magazine was forced to abruptly halt its quarterly print production in April, despite having editions for the UK and US almost entirely ready to go with major advertisers on board.

The website kept going until early September, when the liquidation took place, but company founder and director Andrew Dent told Press Gazette that despite strong traffic it was difficult to monetise – a problem faced by many media organisations despite record readership in the past six months.

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Dent, who founded parent company Ardent Media Ltd for the magazine’s UK launch in 2013, said: “We are predominantly an advertising led business and our clients are predominantly tourist boards and hotels and cruise lines, all of which obviously have been materially impacted by

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Virtual travel offers tourists a chance to see the world

JAMTSO, MY TOUR GUIDE in Bhutan, was scheduled to show us a famous Buddha statue. But under lockdown restrictions, he instead gave us a tour of his colorful wood-beamed house, where his wife, Gyelmo, showed us how to cook a popular Bhutanese dish (lots of hot peppers!).

He also introduced us to his mother. As many Bhutanese people do every day, she was praying for peace for all the world’s sentient beings. One of my travel companions said, “Thank you! We need it,” and I agreed. It’s comforting to know someone in Bhutan is praying for my well-being.

I wasn’t really in Bhutan, of course. I was on a videoconference from halfway around the world.

I joined the tour via tenLocals, a new venture that charges participants a small fee for a live virtual experience with a faraway guide. Part of the fee goes to the guide, and part of

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