‘Live life now’: Travel blogger Jeff Jenkins’ Chubby Diaries encourages people to take the trip – Entertainment & Life – Austin American-Statesman

Jeff Jenkins dreamed of becoming a travel blogger.

But as he scanned social media, magazines and websites for inspiration, Jenkins noticed there were very few bloggers who looked like him.

So two years ago, he decided to pave his own road by building a brand that would give advice and a voice to other plus-size people who may be hesitant to travel because of their weight.

“My mission is to redefine what it looks like to travel, and what that means is marginalized groups being represented in the travel space. My field or my sector of that is plus-size travel. In America alone, there are 128 million people considered overweight and obese,” said Jenkins, now 34 years old. “I’m not here to promote obesity, but I want people to live life now. With there being that large of a market and brands still not making things accessible, I feel like

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