Coronavirus live news: Chinese vaccines to be assessed; Japan-South Korea travel plan revealed | World news

Biden: ‘Masks matter. They save lives.’

Trump says of coronavirus: “Don’t be afraid of it”

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Coronavirus live news: Mexico sees record daily cases; Japan-South Korea travel plan | World news

Biden: ‘Masks matter. They save lives.’

Trump says of coronavirus: “Don’t be afraid of it”

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Rick Steves Talks Campaigning For Cannabis, Getting High In The Dark And The Future Of Travel

For one of the world’s foremost frequent travelers, a journal entry written years ago eerily reads, “I’d like to be quarantined from reality.” Rick Steves’ private “High Notes” — an ongoing diary he’s kept for the past four decades — is dedicated to what his mind ponders while high. 

You may be surprised to learn that cannabis is a personal pursuit of the famed guidebook author and PBS personality. Steves, 65, smoked his first joint in Afghanistan in the 1970s and formalized his passion for ending America’s prohibition of the plant in 2013 when he was elected to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws’ (NORML) board of directors. Prior, Steves was heavily involved in his home state of Washington campaigning for passage of I-502 in 2012. He first spoke out on the subject — albeit anonymously — in

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Want The Most Luxurious Vacation For Your Bubble? Buy Out A Heli-Ski Lodge

This winter marks North America’s first full cold season in the midst of COVID-19. Where the onset of the pandemic abruptly closed many heliski lodges last March, those same lodges have been working for months to put new health and safety protocols, according to the most updated requirements from medical experts, in place to welcome guests back this winter.

One of the emerging trends in the industry is an option to buy out the entire heliski experience for you and your chosen bubble of people. Where you would normally be sharing a helicopter and the lodge with other groups, and might even be skiing with people outside your party, some operations are now emphasizing full lodge buyouts to give their guests the most comfort and assurance possible. These are some of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for the most luxurious ski vacations on offer.           

Mica Heli-Skiing

Mica Heli-Skiing is widely known as

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The Queen’s travel plans this month revealed

Gallery: 9 royal wedding venues & residences where you can marry too – just like Princess Beatrice (Hello!)

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Vacation Innovations Acquires Travel Technology Platform and Private Client Pioneer Holiday Systems International

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Vacation Innovations (“VI” or the “Company”), a leading provider of travel-related products, software and services, today announced its acquisition of Holiday Systems International (HSI), an established travel technology solutions provider and membership platform with a 27-year history of innovation in the travel industry. HSI provides travel discounts at below-OTA rates and custom software solutions that drive a range of private-client travel, rewards and exclusive loyalty programs for a membership base of nearly 400,000 travelers and multiple major global corporate partners.

HSI was founded in 1993 by Craig Morganson and has earned its reputation as a leading developer of award-winning, travel-related technology and membership-based discount programs, producing some of the most sophisticated software and user interfaces in the travel industry for enterprise and direct-to-consumer use, including loyalty systems, booking engines, membership systems, employee benefit programs, travel agency booking platforms, corporate travel systems, travel gift

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Lexington-style Barbecue is all in the family for Conrads

Vikki Broughton Hodges / For The Dispatch
 |  The Dispatch

In more recent years, The Barbecue Center on North Main Street in Lexington has been featured on segments of “On the Road with Bobby Flay” on the Food Network, “Man Fire Food” on the Cooking Channel and “Barbecue Paradise” on the Travel Channel. It has also been the subject of stories in Our State and Southern Living magazines and included in several books on barbecue.

But its humble beginnings date back to 1955 when it was an ice cream shop located two blocks further into town with 10 counter seats and five booths with most sales through curb service. Cecil Conrad, one of the current owners, says his late father, Sonny Conrad, began working as a car hop for his brother-in-law, Doug Gosnell, then when it was The Dairy Center. One winter in the late 1950s, when the seasonal business

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How Travel Specialists Can Help Plan a Stress-Free Trip Next Year

In this new world, where a border can close just as suddenly as it was reopened, a travel fixer’s nimble skill set is especially essential. In the early months of the pandemic, Alice Daunt of Daunt Travel leveraged a longstanding relationship with an Indian Ocean resort to hold—not book—rooms for clients of hers, a family that was wary of putting money down too far in advance of their Christmas vacation; now they can reassess in October. “Because of our relationships with suppliers, we’ve been able to push for more flexibility for future bookings,” says Ashley Gerrand, a safari expert with Go2Africa.

For those whose trips have been bumped a year, the agency has succeeded in getting suppliers to honor 2020 rates and to allow clients to make changes at little to zero cost. “Travelers may not get that when they’re booking directly,” Gerrand adds. Specialists are also vetting services, from

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A Coast-to-Coast Train Trip Restored My Faith in Travel

First came my friends’ skepticism: Why on earth would I take a train from New York City to Los Angeles during a pandemic? Wouldn’t a flight be safer? Cheaper? A better use of my time? But then, almost always, they’d soften and start confessing that they’d always wanted to do a cross-country train ride too.

Since March I’ve spent most of my time camped out in my Brooklyn apartment, socially distancing like the rest of the country. Sometimes just plain distancing, nothing social about it. I knew I couldn’t really fly anywhere, but I ached for an adventure beyond staycations or day trips or cabins upstate. Enough dreams have been dashed by this awful year. I wanted to make a dream come true.

So, to visit family, I boarded a train in New York’s Penn Station one Friday afternoon this summer. On a Monday morning some 3,224 miles, 13 states,

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J.Lo Says the “Blessing” of Quarantine Has Been Spending More Time with A-Rod and Family

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz – Getty Images

From Harper’s BAZAAR

Jennifer Lopez calls the extra time she’s been able to spend with her family during quarantine a blessing.

In an interview with People magazine, the Hustlers actress shared that before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, nightly family dinners were few and quality time was far between due to her and fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s busy work schedules.

“Because Alex and I have both separately and now together lived a gypsy-type life, as both of our careers require tons of travel. The blessing of the quarantine for us was having dinner with the kids every night, for months and months,” Lopez told the outlet. “That’s been a huge blessing for us during this time.”

The actress and singer added that if it weren’t for the entire world pausing in order to slow the spread of the novel virus, she wasn’t sure

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