Police general accused of forging details in travel permit for Djoko Tjandra – National

A police general has allegedly ordered his subordinates to falsify information contained in a travel letter issued to allow graft convict Djoko Soegiarto Tjandra to travel within the country while he was a fugitive.

Prosecutors from the Attorney General’s Office read their indictment against Brig. Gen. Prasetyo Utomo, the former head of the Civil Servant Investigators Supervisory and Coordination Bureau at the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim), during a hearing on Tuesday.

Prosecutors also wrote in the indictment letter that the one-star police general had ordered his subordinates to burn the letter to eliminate any evidence linking him to the fugitive.

“On June 3, the defendant ordered a witness, Dodi Jaya, to issue a letter for travel to Pontianak, West Kalimantan, in the defendant’s office,” a prosecutor read from the indictment at the East Jakarta District Court, as quoted by kompas.com.

According to the indictment, Prasetyo instructed Dodi

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How Mountains and Ski Areas in NH Are Dealing With COVID-19

Ski Story Featured

Though things might not look all that different on the slopes — such as at Waterville Valley pictured here — expect to see a number of changes this season at ski areas and resorts around the state. Photo by Tyler Walker/ Waterville Valley Resorts

Shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, experts encouraged people to get outside, into nature’s open spaces. They emphasized the myriad benefits of fresh air and sunshine for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Normally, skiing — both alpine and Nordic — would seem to check off all those boxes. But COVID-19 is having a negative impact on the skiing experience, in the lodges, in the lift lines, and on the lifts themselves. Of course, New Hampshire’s ski areas and resorts, large and small, are no strangers to negative impacts.

“Rightly or wrongly, we are total optimists in this business,” says Kris Blomback,

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Sarah Jessica Parker shares gorgeous photos from family holiday with her three children

Hanna Fillingham

Sarah Jessica Parker and her family split their time between Manhattan and the Hamptons during the pandemic, but now that the restrictions have eased, they have gone away for a change of scenery.

MORE: Inside Sarah Jessica Parker’s beautiful beach house in the Hamptons

On Tuesday, the Sex and the City actress took to Instagram to share some beautiful photos from their staycation in Ohio, and it looked like they had a wonderful time.

Sarah shared photos of some of the parks they had visited, and fans were quick to comment on the pictures, giving her tips for exploring the area.

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Sarah Jessica Parker shares glimpse

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BG Capital Group Launches Unique Lifestyle and Entrepreneurship Publication, BG Life Magazine

“We are extremely proud to launch this exciting new platform that will not only showcase our family of companies and interests around the world, but will also greatly enhance entrepreneurship worldwide,” said BG Capital Group Chairman Bobby Genovese.

“BG Life Magazine will reflect our curiosity and enthusiasm for all that is new and evolving, and for the talented people who drive those innovations.”

For updates follow us on Instagram: #bobby_genovese_

About BG Capital Group
With more than 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions Genovese’s BG Capital Group is based in the Bahamas with associate management offices in  Fort Lauderdale, Barbados, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.

About BG Signature
BG Signature was created to represent and oversee Genovese’s portfolio of private estates, yachts and equestrian centers located throughout the world, including his flagship BG Ocala Ranch. Today the collection has expanded to include Genovese

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Airlines Pitch Frequent-Flier Mile Deals to Travelers Wary of Covid

Besides wearing a mask on an airplane, there’s one other thing you should definitely do if you are traveling this fall or over the holidays: Use your miles.

A survey of pandemic award prices finds airlines are making award seats available at very cheap prices in miles or points. First-class seats, which give you a bit more social distance on board, are a particularly good value.

In its 10 busiest markets, United’s award seats for various travel dates in November averaged only 12,833 miles round trip, about half the cost of what traditionally has been a standard domestic coach ticket of 25,000 miles.


averaged only 15,167 points round trip. For first class, American was only 42,500 miles round-trip, Delta only 49,100 miles.

“The answer is a resounding yes—it is a good time to

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How Hawa Hassan Built a Cookbook Around East African Grandmothers: Women Who Travel Podcast

LA: No, no, it really does. Sort of going on to food appropriation and recipe appropriation, I mean, you kind of touched on this before, but where do you think that line lies between who gets to cook what?

HH: I think all of it is rooted in respect. I think everyone should eat what they want, they should cook what they want, but how are you sharing that space when you’re in it? Are you occupying it? Are you closing the door behind you when you get into someone else’s culture? Who else is in that position to better tell those stories that is from that place? And then also, what is your reasoning for being in that space? Is it to learn more and to bring the world closer to one another and to make the table longer? Or is it to just, again, occupy it?

It’s like,

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River cruise lines forging ahead with Christmas market voyages

Christmas celebrations may end up being rather different this year, with the potential of tough restrictions on how many can gather, and where we can travel, but river cruise fans can still get into the festive spirit amid Covid-19.

For while the situation with ocean cruising remains largely uncertain – the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opted to extend its ‘no sail’ order through October 31 while Canada, the Cayman Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the Seychelles all have cruise bans in place until the end of the year – river cruise lines have been quietly making their comeback.

German river cruise company, A-Rosa, successfully resumed cruises on the Douro, the Danube, the Rhine and the Rhone over the summer, as did Amadeus and Strasbourg-based CroisiEurope. And all three outfits are offering Christmas markets cruises to British passengers – even with quarantine requirements on the arrival

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EU seeks to bring order to COVID travel confusion

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[AUDIO ONLY] The European Union adopted on Tuesday a “traffic light” system to guide member states whether to require COVID-19 testing or quarantines for non-essential EU travellers such as tourists.

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Covid-19 Travel Bubbles Were Set to Restore Flying but Haven’t Taken Off

A few months ago, travel bubbles were the big idea for reopening skies across the Asia-Pacific region. Countries would strike deals with each other to allow air travel with certain restrictions, many officials said, and those would expand to regional pacts.

It’s proving hard to do, even for countries that have largely managed to keep a lid on the coronavirus.

Take Singapore, a city-state whose economy is so dependent on its airport, officials liken it to the lungs. Passenger volumes are languishing at 1.5% of pre-coronavirus levels, threatening its status as an aviation hub and the investment that comes with it.

The region’s other airports are similarly quiet, according to the latest data from August. Hong Kong International Airport saw 1.4% of passenger traffic compared with August 2019. At Japan’s Narita airport, international travelers in August were just 3.3% of the same month last year. At South Korea’s Incheon International

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Ten Places That Could Be Straight Out of a Wes Anderson Film | Travel

Oct. 14, 2020, 8 a.m.

In June 2017, with a photo of the Museo De Las Américas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Wally Koval and his wife, Amanda, launched Accidentally Wes Anderson, a travel-based Instagram account that would soon become a sensation. The photos—there are now more than 1,200 of them from spots around the world—embody the basics of filmmaker Wes Anderson’s aesthetic: a colorful palette, symmetrical features, a feeling of nostalgia, a fascinating story. The account has bloomed to more than a million followers, a community of fans who love Wes Anderson’s style from movies like The Royal Tenenbaums, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Rushmore, and more. The community submits more than 3,000 photos a month from their own travels in hopes that they will appear on the account.

Koval’s Instagram account has now been turned into a book, Accidentally Wes Anderson, with a

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