Costa Rica for late 2020 and early 2021 travel from $146 round trip

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As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare, whether it is next month or next year.

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After a long summer of coronavirus border closures, Costa Rica is reopening for travelers from all 50 U.S. states on Nov. 1, and airlines are celebrating with flight deals.

To search, head to Google Flights and enter your origin and destination cities. Scroll through the calendar function to find dates and prices that

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Take the ultimate road trip with Ed Ruscha

Danny Kwan, left, Ed Ruscha and Bryan Heath in Ruscha's Datsun pickup truck in a 1975 image from the artist's "Streets of Los Angeles" archive. <span class="copyright">(Ed Ruscha / Getty Research Institute)</span>
Danny Kwan, left, Ed Ruscha and Bryan Heath in Ruscha’s Datsun pickup truck in a 1975 image from the artist’s “Streets of Los Angeles” archive. (Ed Ruscha / Getty Research Institute)

Ed Ruscha invites you on the ultimate road trip: Time travel with him, over 42 years, along the full length of Sunset Boulevard from downtown L.A. to the beach.

Step inside the artist’s 1965 magenta pickup truck, with its blue Naugahyde interior and wimpy-sounding horn. Roll down the windows and let the breeze in, as the vehicle whizzes past the legendary Viper Room, called Filthy McNasty’s in the 1970s. To the left, oh, there’s the Cinerama Dome, showing “The Day of the Jackal” in 1973 and “Back to the Future” in 1985; to the right, a Brentwood hillside minus the Getty Center in 1990. End up at Gladstones by the beach for seafood and cocktails in 2007 because, well,

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Guide to Planning a Trip to Yellowstone

Ray Wise/Getty Images

Lower Yellowstone Falls

Be awestruck by the park’s famed geysers and thermal features: Two favorites are Old Faithful, of course, and Grand Prismatic Spring.

Old Faithful, on the Lower Loop’s eastern side, is the park’s tallest predictable geyser, spewing superheated water up to 180 feet into the air for up to five minutes every 60 to 110 minutes. Every eruption can draw more than 2,000 spectators in July and August; boardwalk bleachers fill up, with people standing behind them. To avoid the masses, Olson recommends coming before 9 a.m. “Getting up early has its rewards,” she says.

Another insider viewing tip: Venture up to the second-floor deck at the nearby Old Faithful Inn, even if you’re not a hotel guest. No, you’re not as close to the geyser, but the deck still offers a good vantage point with far fewer people jockeying for viewing spots. Plus, there’s

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We’ve been married 42 years. I cook, clean and take care of our finances. He paid for a trip to Paris, then asked for the money back

Dear Moneyist,

I have been married for 42 years. He is a nice man, with a good personality and great social skills.

I do housework and take care of other appointments as needed. I cook, do small home repairs and painting, etc., and take care of all our financial planning. I worked in a medical career. He was in IT at a prestigious university.

I am getting older. He has this idea that I have all of this money. I do not. I manage it. Everything is in both our names. I manage all our finances. His income is five times my income.

He has always been very passive-aggressive. If I ask him for help with tasks, he acts very put-upon and I end up angry. He forgets things that I ask him to do on purpose, and is always late delivering.

The Moneyist:‘I feel very bitter’: My late

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Prince William & Kate Middleton split up when he went on a Greek yachting trip with an all-female crew, new book claims

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton’s early relationship is well-documented, with the couple briefly splitting in 2007 – but a new book claims that’s not the only time they broke up. 

Royal author Robert Lacey claims the pair parted ways during a summer break, when The Duke of Cambridge went on an all-boys sailing trip – with an all-female crew. 

Kate is said to have caught William's eye when she wore a sheer dress at a fashion show


Kate is said to have caught William’s eye when she wore a sheer dress at a fashion showCredit: EPA

Robert made the claims in his new book, Battle of Brothers, the Mail reported, outlining details of the split in 2004. 

The parents-of-three got together when they both attended St Andrews, and Kate caught Prince William’s eye in a sheer dress – which showed her underwear – at a university fashion show. 

Their romance blossomed and the couple, both 38, moved into a flat together for their second year, along

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5 fun recommendations from a recent trip

You always hear that Northern Michigan is gorgeous this time of year, so we’ll ask: Have you ever ventured up north to see the leaves changing color as the air turns a bit more brisk?

And if you have made the trek, how far north have you gone, anyway?

As the author of this story, and someone who grew up in the Detroit area, I had only been deep into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a small handful of times.

But fall seems to be the time to make the trip. So if you’re up for a little adventure — or hey, maybe you’ve always had this item on your bucket list — perhaps you could bookmark this story for a future date and check it again once you’re a bit more comfortable traveling, considering COVID-19 and all.

For what it’s worth, my family chose to do the trip as safely as

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After Trump said he ‘learned a lot about Covid,’ his trip outside the hospital suggested otherwise.

The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, announced Monday that she had the coronavirus, and the news of two other aides’ diagnoses became public as well, in a raft of cases that has upended the federal government and President Trump’s campaign a month before the election.

Ms. McEnany announced her test result on Twitter, saying that she had experienced no symptoms and was planning to begin isolating.

Her announcement came a day after Mr. Trump, battling the virus and trailing in the polls, grasped Sunday evening for the singular certainty he craves as a person and requires as a politician: the adulation of his fans.

Republican officials — seeking to spin something positive from Mr. Trump’s announcement he had the coronavirus on Friday — quietly floated the idea over the weekend that his illness could give voters a sense that he was finally approaching the pandemic with appropriate gravity.


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All board for a trip through railroad history

Back in its heyday, nothing said, “Freedom!’” like riding the rails. Beginning in 1833 and carrying forward to today, rail traffic opened up the far reaches of North Carolina unlike dirt trails, canals and plank roads ever could.

The rails brought industrial and commercial goods from Wilmington inland all the way up into the Blue Ridge Mountains. On the way back, trains picked up textiles, furniture, lumber, ores and more for a growing country.

At one time, North Carolina could boast over 5,500 miles of railway. Today, that has dwindled to just over 3,000 miles. Trains are still vital and an important part of the state economy. But a lot of former rail beds have been converted to walking trails and greenways,.

Many of the old rail stations have gone, too. Some were simple affairs – mainly batten board structures that provided a stopping point to pick up water and

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Album honors Tori Murden’s historic rowing trip across Atlantic Ocean


Caught in the middle of Hurricane Danielle, Tori Murden McClure had to stop midway through her first attempt to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998.

She’d come so far, only to go back home.

In a way that’s what the COVID-19 shutdown in March felt like for Louisville native and singer songwriter Dawn Landes. She’d spent seven years transforming Murden McClure’s memoir “A Pearl in the Storm” into a musical about the Louisville adventurist who became the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 1999. 

She’d always considered the rower a personal hero, and when playwright Daniel Goldstein asked her to partner on a musical, she knew exactly which story she wanted to tell. He wrote the book based off the memoir, she composed 18 original songs, and together they secured a coveted spot in the 2020 Williamstown Theatre Festival — a dynamic incubator for new

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You can book a 4-month cruise trip for 2022 to visit 16 countries, from Spain and Greece to Australia

  • British cruise line Cunard has opened bookings for a 118-night cruise that will travel to 16 countries starting in 2022.
  • Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 ship will depart from New York City on January 3, 2022, and will travel to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia before returning to New York City on May 1, 2022.
  • The ship even has a planetarium so guests can stargaze in the middle of the ocean.
  • Ticket prices for the Queen Mary cruise range from $15,149 to $72,899 per person, with an additional $1,710 charge for taxes, fees, and port expenses.
  • The CDC’s no-sail order for cruise ships continues through October 31 at the time of writing. Additionally, the CDC warns that “travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19” and states that “staying home” is the best way to protect others from and stay protected from COVID-19.

You could spend four months

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