A holiday is a special occasion for many, so in this guide we will share the top tips for enjoying the perfect holiday in Pyrgos, Santorini.

A Brief Introduction to Pyrgos Village in Santorini

Pyrgos village in Santorini is the highest village on the island and provides stunning views of the entire island. Just a few miles from the caldera (the cliff edge), Pyrgos has over 40 churches, some blue domed which is a typical representation on Santorini and Greece. It is described by many who visit Pyrgos as the hidden gem of Santorini. This is due to the fact that it is not a popular and the busy towns on the caldera. Therefore, it retains a more calming and relaxed atmosphere even during the busy tourist season which runs from April until the end of October.

The whole village is built on the hillside. It starts in the main square and all the narrow cobble stoned paths wind their way up through the village to the castle at the top of the village. The castle, known as the Kastelli is one of five castles that Santorini boasts. Pyrgos is the best preserved of all the ancient castles on the island. Many visitors to Pyrgos walk through the village up to the castle and enjoy panoramic views over the whole island and out to sea.

The Best Places to Stay in Pyrgos

Pyrgos accommodation tends to be on the small side. Don’t expect large hotels here. Instead, the village offers authentic renovated cave houses in the heart of the village. On the outskirts of the village some new developments have been built offering a small number of suites and villas.  A Pyrgos Villa is definitely a great choice if you are looking for some luxury alongside an authentic atmosphere.


Best Things to Do in Pyrgos

When you stay in Pyrgos you can wander around the village which mainly pedestrianized. As you stroll around the village you may feel like you are wandering around an open-air Cycladic museum. If you enjoy a bit of history, head for the Santorini Folklore Museum. It’s not like your typical museum but tries instead to show how life was in Santorini before tourism. If you appreciate fine wines, then visit the local wineries in the area. A popular choice is Santo Winery which is on the outskirts of Pyrgos Village. If you are looking to sample Greek and Santorini local specialties, there is a great selection of taverns and restaurants in the village.


What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit?

The main tourist season normally begins in April and finishes at the end of October. Easter is a popular time to visit Pyrgos since they hold amazing celebrations in the village. The whole village is lit up with candles and there is a procession through the village. Since Pyrgos is not on the main tourist trail, you can easily stay in Pyrgos and not experience crowds. Therefore, you can comfortably stay in Pyrgos Santorini between April and the end of October and have a perfect holiday.